Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015: Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Trip

A family picture before departure!
This year we tried something new on our vacation and tried out the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad with a trip with everyone on the train.  It was a fun trip and I'd highly recommend it especially for adults.  The kids (and grandpa too) got a bit restless but were able to move around the train and check out other car styles so it worked for them too. We were on an enclosed car that had school bus style windows that opened and ceiling fans-it was hot.  We thought we were going to be on an open air gondola car, but were less than thrilled when our tickets placed us on this car.  It all worked out but was hot, but worked well for the sheer number of kids we had to contain to have them in actual seats instead of the bench of the open air cars.  I'd also suggest purchasing the refillable travel mug that they sell because it is good for unlimited refills on the train, which we took full advantage of the entire time.  The views are definitely different from those that you'll get from a car or hike, both sides of the car have benefits though the side that you board has the traditional views looking down the mountain where the other is the mountainside and trees, which is nice and still merits great views while traveling through the Fontana area.  All in all I know our part of the group had a great time on the train.  Pete has ridden on a few trains now so he may have a bit more experience than your average 4 year old. 
couple selfie on the trip

Nora enjoying the view from the window

She loved the windows and watching everything go by
Nora just couldn't stay awake
Sleeping in daddy's arms
Daddy couldn't resist sleeping along with Nora either

The kids hanging out in their seats with grandpa

Pete having a fun time

More window fun!

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