Thursday, February 5, 2015

MommyCon Chicago

MommyCon Chicago has sold out!  That just seems crazy to me. Plus it is sad because I was going to host a giveaway for two tickets.  At least I'll get to host a giveaway for another location; luckily for me I'm not too far from another announced location in Columbus, Ohio, in September!  Indiana is the crossroads of the nation and it is nice sometimes.  You can still get half-day, non-gift-bag tickets to Chicago and use my promo code for $5 off.  Just think: hit the museums in the morning and MommyCon in the afternoon.  Sounds like a fun-filled Saturday. 
Remember use the Promo Code KPPN15 to get $5 off your ticket for any location after the presale period!

Now I'm deciding which workshops/seminars I'm going to go to during it. Here is a link to the Chicago schedule if you'd like to see the options and descriptions. Decisions, decisions. There are so many good options that I'm interested in, but there's not enough time.  I feel like all of the options that I have at least scratch the surface of everything offered. Plus some of these presenters are just amazing, and I'd like to attend just to see them in person - totally like meeting a character at Disney but in real life and more pathetic because I'm 26....

The hardest time slot to decide on is the 11:15.  I mean Leaky Boob and Wrapping?! I haven't done much wrapping so it would be nice to try it out to see, but then it is something else to buy if I decide I like it since I don't have a wrap. I am way into all things breastfeeding and feeding in general. Really, Nora will probably be the one deciding where we go depending on how her schedule is going that day.
I'm super excited. I'm trying to talk Phil into a half day, but he isn't convinced about coming yet.  I think he is scared off by the sheer number of women there and is worried he won't really enjoy it the same.

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