Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fickle Weather

The weather was rather fickle this last week. A couple days we had warm weather and almost had all of the snow melted off of our yard. Exciting!  We were able to go on a couple of walks on the greenway, with my parents while Phil was out of town for work. 

Pete throwing sticks with Grandma and Grandpa

Well then we got about 8.5 inches of fresh snow and one day and ended up with a snow day for Phil!  Also exciting. We don't complain when Phil gets to stay home from work! Pete has been wanting to "build" lots of things lately out of cardboard boxes.  This time Pete and Phil built a race car, though Pete didn't quite understand at first why it wouldn't drive like a real car...

The view out of my window the next morning.
Pete's race car he built with daddy!
It stuck around for a little bit, but not much because the next few days it was between 40 and 50 degrees again! Hopefully we will see lots more of the warm weather and will be done with snow this year, at least I wouldn't complain.

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