Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I haven't said much about Dex lately.  He is doing great, part of me is still amazed we ended up with such a wonderful dog. He is loving the lack of snow in the yard and is actually staying outside longer than what it actually takes to do his business during the day.  Pete and Dex are still getting along wonderfully, Pete chases Dex sometimes, but then Dex barks at Pete when he doesn't listen to me! Geez, I'm the mom, not you!  We recently put a new chair in Pete's room and Dex decided he really likes it, too.  During our nightly reading he jumps up in it with both Phil and Pete and snuggles down.  Recently one of Pete's choices for books has been Hallo-wieners, a Halloween book about a dachshund. 

Sunday my parents came out for dinner to check out Pete's new room and Dex loves snuggling with grandma. Mom was lamenting the fact that the only grandbaby with brown eyes is Dex. She then jokingly continued to say that he also has not her eyes, but nose, ears and body type (long and thick!).  We thought it was pretty funny, it at least makes him feel like part of the family right? Not as much adopted?

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