Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding Out!

Today was the day I have been looking forward to for so long!  Today we had our anatomy scan and found out the gender.  Phil was lucky and got to peek at the screen the entire time while I had to wait until after the tech was done doing the measurements for the doctor for all of the important stuff!  Apparently they have a policy to not put it on the big screen until after they have all the stuff that could go wrong or have a problem is done.  Our babe is just fine from what she saw but they yet again have my due date wrong, and I was originally correct!  So the due date is 6.20.2014.  This kiddo apparently didn't like either the ultrasound or having pictures taken because it just kept moving all over the place while the tech tried to get the job done. 

A nice head and spine view
Once we got ready to find out the gender the baby ended up facing my back with its legs crossed...kid you not.  Already a brat and not even born yet!  Luckily a couple prods and it flipped over and slightly straightened those legs out. Neither of us or the ultrasound tech saw anything after chasing the kid around for 5 minutes so we're having a baby girl come June! Her name is Eleanor "Nora" Marie Call.  We are super excited and are feeling extremely blessed. 
Nice profile you can make our her nose, mouth and tiny little hand

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