Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Snowstorm

This week we had yet another snowstorm, we got about 13 inches of fresh snow on top of all that we had from before.  Phil got one day off of work for this one and the next two days were 2 hour delays because of the frigid temperatures that came afterwards.  Pete was dying to play on his play set and luckily the day it actually snowed it wasn't too cold yet so Phil dug a path all the way through the backyard to his play set.  Pete had a great time making snowballs and just falling in the snow as well as flying down the slide. 

Phil played with him for a bit and then shoveled the driveway, which our wonderful neighbors came and cleaned up even better with their snow blower. I went out for awhile though it took me some time to get ready and am now far enough along in the pregnancy (22 weeks) that I no longer fit in one of the pairs of snowpants, Phil already had on another pair, so I haven't tried them out. 

One family member really didn't like the snow, but really who can blame the poor dog when it is significantly taller than him.  I had to take some pictures of Dex while he was running on the path. 

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