Monday, January 20, 2014

Pete gets a Big Combine

For the Christmas with my parents and our own family Christmas we had it at our house on Christmas morning before heading out to Batesville to visit Phil's family.  I didn't pull out the camera before Pete opened his big present from my parents.  Really our presents to him were pretty lame for a kid.  We all got each other electric toothbrushes as a big gift this year.  Phil had the most presents under the tree, but most were pretty silly and involved Star Wars, the biggest and coolest of which was a clock for the basement!  Phil got me a couple small expansions for Settlers of Catan (a board game we love).  My parents got us a new GPS, good thing too, ours is from my freshman year of college and hasn't ever been updated...Phil got a new pair of boots since his were falling apart and needed glued every month.
Pete cracking the packaging. (I didn't have any Christmas bags big enough for it)

Pete showing off his combine with Phil
That present won the prize for the hardest to get Christmas present.  Pete had found an ad with a picture of it back in October and was still talking about wanting it come December.  Mom and Dad decided they would get it for him but didn't get around to it until the middle of the month.  I ran to the store to pick it up for them since they were out of town to see Matt and Tashina's new baby.  Well Big R was sold out and couldn't reorder any more.  Mom called around to find any around Indy, Warsaw, Muncie, and Fort Wayne, they were sold out everywhere!  Plus online they were sold out as well!  Finally we located a large stockpile in Elkhart and made a quick trip up one night, right before a big snowstorm was expected and we had a play to get to and picked up one.  Next time, I think someone needs to decide sooner!

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