Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Non-Blizzard Update.

We are expecting a new addition to the family to come sometime in June!  We've known since October but with previous losses we had decided to hold off on the general announcement for some time. We won't find out girl/boy until part way through February, so don't get too excited just yet!  I'm over the worst of the "morning sickness" or as it was for me this time all day not being able to eat and having heart burn constantly for weeks on end.  I swear I lived on instant breakfast, cheese sticks and crackers - the only things that sounded good and didn't make me feel horrible.
The latest ultrasound from Thanksgiving week. .

We are super excited to be able to have another child. We'd been trying for over a year and a half and finally had some luck after seeing a specialist.  Thank goodness for medical technology!  Pete doesn't really know what the whole "baby" thing means, but he prays for it every night during family prayer so hopefully he won't mind having a little one around as well.

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