Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trunk or Treat: Batesville

We actually did two trunk or treats this year one at our ward and one down with Phil's family ward in Batesville over fall break.  I forgot to pack our costumes for this one, but luckily Phil's mom came through and pulled out some old ones from when all the kids were little.  Lucky for us as well is that there were enough of them that one was bound to fit Pete and Phil is about the same size as his dad for his costume. Alas I'm not really a Call sized person and there were no Horn family sized ones to be had so I just wore a Marching band hat and called it good enough, while handing out apples and raisins from the trunk.
Here is the Call Family original

And our reenactment for Trunk or Treat. Sorry no cool plane for us, just the church curtain.

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