Saturday, November 2, 2013

At the Park: With Avery and Dex

Our friends needed someone to watch their daughter for them for a couple of hours one day.  We played around the house for awhile and then headed off to the park for a little bit to kill some time and get Pete to run off some energy.  I have learned something from this experience.  Pete at the park is much more fun if we take a friend, because I don't have to do anything!  He is content with playing with his friends that making me play with him.  I love it!  I got to sit and swing and have a break from chasing him for about an hour.  I might have to borrow my friends kids more often for this next spring and summer!  Dex had a great time as well get to lay there and gnaw on some mulch while surveying his surroundings. 
Pete finishing up on the slide

Avery on the Monkey Bars
Dex enjoying the view.

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