Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outdoor Fall Fun

Pete and the trike
The weather has been so nice lately!  I love the bit of a nip that means we need a sweatshirt or long sleeves.  Perfect!  We have been getting our fill of the great outdoors lately with our backyard.  It is so nice to have our own yard to play in, instead of sharing or going to the park all the time.  We also have lots of fun toys that I have collected over time anticipating having a house.  Of course we have the cozy coupe, but we also have a tricycle and a turtle sandbox, all of which were free from the garbage finds!  It is even better when they are free!  We also have a new addition to our various outdoor toys and this one is the best facebook freebie find of all time-a playset!  Stinking awesome!  A good friend from church decided her now teenagers didn't need the playset and wanted it gone so she put it up for grabs to whoever could pick it up first.  We found a truck and picked it up that Saturday!  Pete loves it especially the double steering wheels so he can run back and forth.  He can do the stairs on his own without any problems since they are flat and not the round ladder rungs.  So far though he will not go down the slide on his butt only his tummy with feet first!  I keep thinking he will have a slide burn but so far he hasn't.  We absolutely love our house and so glad that we held out and got this one, even though it was a pain to loose the others that we liked, but this one is so much better and a perfect fit for us. 

Awesome playset

Pete excited to play outside

Just being Pete

Pete showing off the bottom of the playset to Daddy

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