Monday, October 22, 2012


Part of me is really irritated that stores are already getting ready.  Have you noticed the Halloween trees that look suspiciously like Christmas trees but with bats and pumpkins and red/orange/yellow leaves instead of garland?  While the other part is already working on homemade presents and decorations.  The next big dilemma in my mind though is Christmas cards.  I have a horrible time trying to figure out what to do; I have the stuff to make my own, but that takes time and effort, which normally I don't have either!  Well I like something special for Christmas and obiviously I don't like to spend too much time working on it so photo cards are a crazy good idea.  I just used them for the first time for Pete's birthday party invite.  They turned out great and I didn't have to spend the whole time making something cute.  This time I'm using Shutterfly for Christmas photo cards.I mean do you see how many cute ones there are? Normally I try to narrow down some pictures for Christmas while I take them during the year and have a running list so I'm not sitting there the day after Thanksgiving in a turkey daze trying to remember which of my two-thousand Pete pictures look the best for slot four.  Instead I've narrowed it down to 35 and can go from there.  I really like the ones that I can show pictures from the whole year to fill in the gaps that I've missed in blogging and general family/friend visiting and letters.  Isn't that super cute?  Granted it would be cuter if Pete was the model, but alas no one asks for my opinion there.  They just want to know about my thoughts on their Christmas cards and if I'll promote them on my blog.  Well you can see my answer, so yes this is a sponsored post that I am earning something for.  But really you can get something cool out of the deal too, if you check out the special offers page. 

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mikeandtara said...

Thanks for the tip! I want to do Christmas cards this year for the first time and doing a photo card is a great idea!