Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So far this summer break this has been my schedule:

6 am-wake up with Phil's alarm when he wakes up to get James and Sarah out the door to school
6.05 am-fall back asleep after Phil is out of bed
6.45 am-Phil wakes up Kim for breakfast (#1) and morning family prayers
7.10 am- Phil and Kim back to bed
8.15 am-Phil wakes up and showers
8.45/9.00 am-Phil wakes up Kim and makes her shower
9.15ish am-Kim comes down and eats breakfast (#2) (more than a single bowl of cereal from earlier) who decides though serving sizes anyway, who only eats 1 cup of cheerios?
10.00 am-Phil and Kim head off to the library to use the internet
2.00 pm-Phil and Kim arrive at home and eat lunch
2.30 pm-Kim takes nap
4.30 pm-Kim wakes up (thanks to Phil) to greet James and Sarah home from school
6 ish-Dinner
9.00pm-evening scriptures and family prayers
10.00 pm- Bed time...

Disgusting isn't it? I think my body is making up for lost sleep from the last two weeks of school and knows that I don't have any deadlines for sometime. Oh and also I haven't gone in for my blood pressure check yet, but I did go to Walgreens today and used their machine. Just when I walked in it was the same as last time (very sad moment) then I decided to wait just one minute and try again this time 10 points lower! If only one minute did that how about a total wait of three minutes a total of 23 points lower than the initial check at the pharmacy and doctor's office! I was pretty stoked, now the tricky part of keeping my arm away from them for at least three minutes while sitting in the chair...

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