Friday, May 7, 2010

Pete and the Doctor

Well today I had a doctor's appointment. It was the wonderful one where I drink some nasty kool-aid and get a blood draw to check for diabetes. It was pretty nasty stuff personally, like drinking a can of juice concentrate, without anything to wash it down. Also at the appointment we listened to his heart. He apparently didn't enjoy this too much because he kept try to escape from the poor girl practicing (not the normal doctor, a student), he would squirm and kick like crazy to the point where the doctor commented on it. When they finally did pin him down and get it for a second, it was too close to one of my veins (I beat quite a bit slower than his normal 150 beats a minute) and made it show up slower than normal, but still in the acceptable range. Also at the appointment my blood pressure was a bit higher than normal so I get to go back in for another check on that sometime next week. Personally I think I am going to rack this one up to stress, (I mean I have only been moving, unpacking, working, and doing finals) this past week and we went out to eat last night and ate some stuff that probably didn't help this out too much. We will find out sometime next week if it something to worry about, but it won't help to worry about it for now (literally).

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Kristie said...

You know- they have a jelly bean alternative for the glucose test...just a heads up for next time!
Cucumbers and garlic help lower Bp.