Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Bash

So as you all know Saturday was my birthday and my brother's who is 7 years older than me.  As you can guess July 4th is a pretty big deal in the family since its the only two kids birthdays.  I turned 21 (not that it really mattered one bit) and Matt is now 28.  We had the party at Matt's new house in Plainfield because on Sunday my nephew Benson was blessed (along with 2 others from the ward).  Lots of family came including Aunt Kate, Grandmas Lich and Horn, (Tashina's Mom and siblings) Julie, Trent, Travis, and Phil's Mom Joann, James and Sarah and of course the immediate family.  We had fried chicken and sloppy jo's, and sides galore.  Then the main treat of the event homemade ice cream and cakes (we each get a cake of our choice)  this year's selections were Black Forest (mine) and Tres Leches (Matt's).  Then presents we both got lots of wonderful gifts from everyone.  But the biggest presents received were Matt's new barbecue grill and my pasta maker for my kitchen-aid!  I actually used it already, and it was wonderful!  It made so much pasta that we had to dry it and freeze it for later.  We are really excited about it because it is really cheap, healthy, wonderful pasta!  We are already planning events to have people come eat some pasta with us.

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Kristie said...

I have been wanting the pasta connection for years!! - jealous- By the way you guys pick cakes like my tiwns (this year, Black forest and red Velvet) hasn't anyone heard of chocolate?
Happy birthday!