Monday, June 1, 2009

The Prophet said to Plant a Garden...

Today we managed to finishing planting our garden that we started a long time ago when it was still snowing.  Today our peas have flowers, have broken through one of the strings holding them up and are taller than our fence.  The purple beans have random holes in the leaves (I don't know why but I don't see bugs) and have either more leaves coming on or buds, the garlic is tall and thick, the onions are beginning to look like green onions instead of grass in the garden, the cabbage looks like it might start becoming cabbage.  The squash plants are big and we planted eggplants
and banana peppers, and we now have a grand total of 19 tomato plants!  I don't even eat tomatoes!  Phil better like them a lot with the amount we willhopefully have from the plants.   

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Michelle Heuer said...

Wow! Sounds like ya'll have been busy! That is a lot of plants y'all are growing, i'm impressed! We grow lots of tomato plants in big pots along part of our drive on the side of the house. Eggplant?? Maybe it's good, i've been reared to detest it (mom hates it).

I'm just workin, saving money to go to NIU. I'll not be that far away from y'all...back to the cold midwest. Cool deal on the organ! My parents have an old pump organ but it doesn't work right now i don't think.

Keep doing well, good luck with the garden!!