Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Splash Pad Fun

We've been using our Virginia Zoo a bunch lately hitting up the splash pad they have there.  They aren't too full and we can check out the animals too, so a one stop shop for fun. Mostly we have been using the water just because it has been so stinking hot, I am so tired of 90 degree weather and completely ready for fall. Nora also wakes up every morning asking for a swimsuit, today I surprised the kids with a quick trip to cool off and take a break for work at the house.  So here enjoy some pictures of the kids playing in the water at the Virginia Zoo.

These ones are a bit much for Nora, Pete loves them as you can tell.  The Asia section has fun little water area that Nora enjoys much more and can handle. We normally hit both so everyone gets to have fun.

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