Saturday, January 30, 2016

Warm Weather in January

Today it did not feel like January in Northern Indiana.  According to our minivan it got up to 51 degrees, I'm not complaining about it too much, though I would actually like to get some snow this year. This morning Phil helped a family from church cut wood to heat their home and this afternoon he installed new lights on the front of the house and above the driveway.  We had some but they didn't go with the house very well and were dim.  We got some that were better suited for the house and got LED bulbs including flood lights.  It is amazing how much brighter it is! Phil has become quite the whiz with the electrical stuff in the house lately, his specialty being replacing light fixtures.  He switched out the kitchen and dining room fixtures that have been driving me nuts since we bought the house. As a result of all of his manual labor today, Phil has been snoozing with Nora in the recliner in her room since he was "putting" her to bed around 8pm.  I did try to get him up but I wasn't very successful in the attempt and let me sleep on.

The kids loved the warmer weather and took full advantage of it to play on the tricycles, playset, with shovels and balls.  Nora even got to really enjoy the playset for the first time today. That little punk even learned how to climb the ladder all on her own!
Getting ready for the first time down the slide!

Pete's turn!

Pete was dying to play baseball.  He kept asking me how to hold the bat correctly.  Sorry kid, baseball is not my sport about all I managed in gym class was a bunt

She made it to the top all on her own!

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