Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pete's 5th Birthday!

Oh my! I'm still in shock that Pete is 5 almost two weeks later.  He's getting big and is becoming a kid now and losing that preschooler look.  First 10 things I love about Pete:

1. I love your laugh.  It doesn't come out all the time, you've always been a fairly serious one.  When it does come out it is glorious.  Especially when you start giggling about a cartoon you watched yesterday and we're driving around town. Those are my favorites.

2.  I love your imagination.  Boy the things you dream up and think about for a now 5 year old are amazing.  To think all that is somehow crammed into a fairly little body, no wonder you get growing pains.

3. The way you are concerned about others. You always ask how people's days were and their sleep and dreams at night.  You even listen about our days, just keep it up for forever little man.

4. I love your kissing attacks.  You'll "hold" me down and kiss all over my face.  Part of me gags at the semi-slobbery kisses but part of me knows that some day you won't be so free with those kisses to your mommy so I'll take them slobber and all.

5. I love that you are starting to brush your teeth on your own and I just have to watch you so you don't just eat the toothpaste off instead of brushing.  I still remember my dad doing this with me.  sigh.

6. I love you because you are a great big brother, better than I could have dreamed of.  Normally you are willing to share and pretty decent about it when you don't want to let her play with a particular toy and hand her another one she can play with, even if it mean Optimus Prime's head will be sucked on.

7. I love that you are happy with cereal for breakfast.  Really I'm not a morning person and am so glad you don't expect too much from me and are pleased with a bowl of cereal and milk when I'm struggling in the morning.

8. I love the way you try to sneak grapes from the fridge.  You don't realize this but I leave them there for that reason, but you think you're getting away with something before dinner. Your face when you are "caught" is priceless kid.

9.  I love how much you like playing in dirt. I can just feel the boy radiating off of you when you do, especially now that you are teaching the joys of dirt play to your sister.  Plus it makes it easier to convince you that you really do need a shower.

10.  I love your curiosity for all things.  Especially construction sites, and how we guess what they are building and think of what it could be and keep watching every time we drive by.  I love our little game. Plus when I can't answer your questions and you get excited when we have to ask Suri.

Pete in Pictures (most recent to oldest)

Birthday Party
This year I didn't pick a theme, he loves way too many things to pick just one to go with.  So we did them all!  He didn't want a normal decorated cake but requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and LOTS of sprinkles.  I used Meijer, because they had a free cake since Nora birthday cake incident.  They have the best chocolate frosting.  I'm drooling thinking about it tonight...

Grandma's came, Aunt Sarah came, Pete was surrounded by presents.  I'd say his birthday was a success!
His cupcake with spiderman candles

We have him surrounded!

His new favorite book (and show on Netflix) DinoTrux

A megzord (power rangers) from white grandma and grandpa.

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