Saturday, November 13, 2010

Playing on the Bed

I had my hair cut on Wednesday, 8 inches came off right at the beginning. They are actually still in my purse in the ziploc baggy (before you freak out the last time I used a purse was the day Pete was born and that Wednesday night) It is pretty much the same hair cut as before just a heck of a lot shorter! I love it though. It is crazy how much lighter it is without that hair there. Okay so if you are curious about the title that is what Pete does while I do my hair now (that I actually have to do something with it). Pete really enjoys sitting up and looking around and it lets me blow dry my hair without having to listen to that noise and a screaming baby. The other day we were doing our routine and I pulled out the camera a snapped a few pictures (50...don't you love digital?!) I thought they turned out adorable. Also in case anyone was worried I didn't forget that Pete turned 3 months old yesterday! Where has the time gone, how the heck is it November, wasn't it just August? Phil has been super busy this week with school, church callings, and work. We were talking about next semester this morning and realized that he will be home more while student teaching. sick.


The Horn Family said...

I take it you aren't donating to locks of love. Pantene?

Kim and Phil said...

Yep. They'll take 8 inches instead of the 10, I just couldn't cut off 10 inches it sounded like too much!