Monday, January 12, 2009

There and Back Again: A Vacation Tale

Christmas Break was great we spent some time in Batesville with everyone down there.  Then drove up to Warsaw for Christmas Eve and Day with my family up there via Indy to see Aunt Kate.  Then we drove down to Batesville for Christmas with all of the Calls and Jensens on the 26th.  On the 27th we began the trek to Florida with Mom and Dad.  On the trip our first stop was Sarasota (very nice white sand beach), then Myakka State Park then Disney World!  Well it was a fun trip and I wish I could tell you all the fun stories but I have to head off to class since today is the first day of the semester!  But good news I have next Monday off!
Hope you like the pictures.

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grubbsmonica said...

ok you, no teasing. I'll be back to hear all the fun stories.
Love m