Thursday, February 9, 2017

Aunt Sarah Visits Virginia

Aunt Sarah came to visit before she loses her free flying privileges with the upcoming wedding!  We had a super fun time, she was amazed at the temperature and was determined to go to the beach.  Locals were all wearing coats and she's in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  I warned her the water was cold, and it was but the sand was nice as was the sun.  Nora had a blast on the beach too, Pete was mad he had school and couldn't enjoy that bout of fun with Sarah.  He did get to show her all around the aquarium though, which is one of his favorites. Nora was thrilled to have her and was very sad to see her leave.   
Pete had already run off to go to the sub by the shark tank

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Amanda Jensen said...

So amazing - wish we could have been there, too!