Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Virginia Snow Days

We got hit with a blizzard on Saturday, like seriously high winds and SNOW.  Everything we had planned over the weekend got canceled including an open house, track meet and stake conference.  School has also been out and will be canceled until at least tomorrow, they called it this afternoon around 4.  They don't plow residential roads, we all park on super narrow streets and they just don't have enough plows to do it all.  We've been loving all the time spent together, we've been having friends over for dinner and games, they've got kids the same age as Pete and Nora so it works out nicely.  I've taken naps, slept in, fixed yummy food, not done the dishes (my hubby really is the best) read 2 books in a single weekend and plan to start the final one in the series tomorrow, seriously I'm living the life right now. I know I'm going to regret this when the make up days come rolling in but for now, I love it! Today is the first day we left the house and we took Pete to see Rogue One in theaters and took the kids sledding for the first time.  Normally I'm horrible about getting cabin fever, but this time I've been fairly content doing nothing and staying in jammies all day long, but I think we've had the right combination of sleeping, friends, playing and reading to make it more than bearable to be home.
Our littlest snow shoveler

I just couldn't resist

Nora builing a snow fort with Phil

seriously does anything beat watching a dachshund run in the snow?!

Look at those ears!
Here's a video of our sledding fun along with a couple pictures.  Not the biggest hills in the world but still enough fun for Pete, Nora wanted nothing to do with the activity.

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