Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kim's Current Read: The Green Ember Series

Here's my current read, The Green Ember Series by S. D. Smith.  Phil had found it as a deal on Audible and chose it for his book to listen to on the long Christmas drive. I normally don't like Phil's book choices-I can't stand non-fiction and it is his favorite, so normally I just sleep through it. This was completely different!  I loved it and was dying to listen to more, but Nora had an awful ride there and the only way to keep her happy was with Frozen soundtrack playing nonstop for the whole ride.  Thank goodness for the fade in the car so we didn't have to hear it the whole time.  We got an Amazon giftcard and chose to buy the whole series in book form, which was supposed to be here by Saturday, but due to the storm it was delivered yesterday evening. Fortunately, Amazon saved the day by having the option to buy the Kindle and Audible versions for cheaper after buying the print copy, so now we own all the available versions of the series. (Because we might just like it that much)
Now what is the book series about? Rabbits. And no, it is not like Watership Down (which I hate by the way, but then I was a freshman in high school and it was required reading). It is a wonderful Childrens/Young Adult fiction, fantasy, fairy tale story.  I love a quick read with a great story line, and I'm a sucker for nonhuman characters.  It was just a good solid story, and I'm excited to start reading it to Pete. I think he will enjoy it since it is fast paced enough and not too long and drawn out, which is a problem we had with reading/listening to Harry Potter and The Hobbit with him. At 6 he just isn't into long drawn out descriptions and such.  This still set up a great setting and such but more on track with his age right now.

So if you're looking for a fun read, I'm totally suggesting this one for you.  We bought it at Amazon because the library didn't have it, and even if I could get an interlibrary loan, I wasn't willing to wait. They are also available here, on the author's site along with shirts and swords and other fun things.

I'm NOT getting paid or getting anything for this post; this is straight up me loving a book and sharing it to the world.

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