Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Mother's Easter Basket

Happy Easter!  

Really I did get an actual Easter basket, though I am currently home from church doing laundry, because Nora has come down with a tummy bug.  I had (mistakenly) thought I had signed up for a lazy day at home, only to end up with horrible cloth diaper and 3 layers worth of clothes blow out laundry.  
Pete and Nora's on the left, Mine of top right, Phil's on the bottom right
We do Easter baskets, egg hunts, and bunny prints for Easter; we also do church and know the true reason for the holiday and are ever grateful for the true reason and the fact that Jesus was resurrected and lives

Monday, March 7, 2016

Review: Free Soul Designs Shirts

Saturday was MommyCon Chicago, I'm still working on that whole post but thought I'd write a quick review of probably my favorite MommyCon find.

Awesome shirt and want to know how hard it is to get a decent selfie?
Free Soul Designs, they have amazingly fun shirts especially for the naturally minded babywearing and breastfeeding parent. They were one of the first booths that I noticed and I eventually came back and bought myself a babywearing baseball t shirt and Phil a babywearing t shirt.
Phil modeling after work today, he forgot something so we had a family trip back

 I love the designs, they only had a few at MommyCon Chicago but have quite a few more on their website.  The sizing is great, the baseball tee, is a unisex sizing, which as a bigger woman I appreciate since so many women's shirt otherwise fit tiny and rarely go up to my size. This one fits nicely, not too tight or baggy, and is long enough I can wear it with leggings or my skinny jeans.

babywearing parent selfie
Phil's size small fit him perfect.  He has a hard time finding t-shirts that actually fit him well without being baggy and sloppy looking, if it does he won't wear it for anything but yardwork. He thought it was quite funny, definiately not something he would have bought for himself, but that is what he has a wifey for!

Again, don't under estimate the challenge of taking a decent selfie, especially with two kids trying to help!
 In general I'm really impressed with these shirts.  The company also donates 15% of the all profits to a battered women's shelter in Illinois, so I'm helping out a small business, and helping women improve their lives after abuse and getting an amazing shirt in the end.  I think it is a win-win-win!

Also I was not given anything for this review, I purchased the shirts at full price, and writing a review to spread the word on an awesome shirt and company.  They also have a breastfeeding shirt that is super cute!  If Nora was nursing still I probably would have bought it too, and still might just because it is awesome and fun.
Babywearing Dad in action at Menards!

Our new carrier!  This is a Toddler Tula in Gossamer, so beautiful!  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

MommyCon Chicago Schedule!

So I had promised that I would share the schedule once I had gotten it and had a chance to decide what I was going to attend.  Well procrastination won out this time...really when doesn't it?...but here you go as promised.  Things of course will change but for now this is how I'm leaning.  

First up with the 9.30 session-Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit:
Yes I went to this one last year, and I'm currently cloth diapering my second kid but, it is like seeing a hero!  She owns and runs my favorite cloth diaper company!  Don't tempt me or I might bring a diaper and sharpie and ask for an autograph....Really it is a great session that I'm looking forward to.
Up next on my super interested list is, though I have to ditch clothing diapering early:  10.00 session Move Baby Move! It's paramount to your baby's development...and your sanity! 
Why moving is important for munchkins development. Yep!
This is the hardest one right here! I'm stuck between Breastfeeding Goddesses with Ivette Ivens, Picky Eaters, and Finding the Right Supplements.  
They all sound amazing!  Why is there only one of me?
Toddlerwearing is going to make me leave that last hard choice early, but this is one that is important to me as well.  Nora seems to like it and it keeps her from whining and out of trouble so I'm all for it.  
After lunch I'm hoping to check out the Awaken your Pelvic Floor class at 1.30 session.  Something that as a person who has had two kids I've heard the call for Kegels kegels kegels far too often! If you don't know what that is consider yourself lucky...
The Wrapping 101 class is so tempting, have you seen those beautiful pieces of fabric? But unless someone can really persaude me with a cheap, beautiful and teachable option I'm going to stick with my ring sling and tulas...I might have just gotten the shipping information for a new one...

Play, Play, Play your troubles away.  Development and play benefits?! Sounds great to me!
Finally- Treating Common Illness in Children, um who doesn't need this? When to call the doctor and what actually works to make your kiddo feel better when they get sick.
Finilly is the giveaways.  I'll probably change up where I'm going quite a bit once I get there and skip a session to check out the exhibitor hall.  

The list of all the vendors and session descriptions is here.   Also if you are attending there is an app for MommyCon with the schedule and the whole bit so you can keep a list on you of what you want to go to and where they are all located.  You can find it for iphone or android depending on your device.

There are still some tickets left!  If you still need to buy one use my code HOOSIER16 to save $5.