Friday, November 11, 2016

SkyPopo and Grandma Visit!

Phil's parents came out for a visit over the weekend.  We had them surprise Pete at school pick up on Thursday.  He had a blast spending time with them as did the rest of the family, but Pete especially loves his SkyPopo.  I somehow managed not to get a single picture of Ray though, so I'll have to wait until Joann posts some on facebook.  Friday we went to a local model train store and then headed to the zoo with Heather and Quinn while the boys were at school. 

Saturday we went to Fort Monroe to the Casemate Museum which is free and really cool.  Pete got to get his feet wet which still blows my mind that we aren't freezing to death in November near the water. We walked around and saw the sights.  Pete really enjoyed checking out the big guns that are there and open for people to see.  

he managed not to get soaked which was quite the accomplishment

Nora and Quinn playing in the sand

Have to take a selfie

family picture

My loves

Nora kept trying to sit underneath it.

Nora and Grandma got a little nap in the car after getting worn out that the fort.

Pete helped Aunt Heather make a cake.

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