Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

I'm not going to get political, honestly I hate politics.  But go vote, we all headed into the polls this morning at 6 right when they opened, hoping to beat the crowd, only to discover a long line and waited for an hour to do our civic duty.  I know we could have voted early, but it just isn't the same and compared to one of our last elections for voting it was much easier since in Muncie we waited 2+ hours to vote.  Phil and I both went in together so we could both wrangle a kiddo and he didn't have to be into work until 8 since the kids in town have the day off of school.
How I feel about this election

ok a good selfie too

pete was really excited about his sticker today, mostly because I told him we could get a free donut if he behaved afterwards

Nora was not happy about this at all.  You and the rest of the country sweetheart.
when we told her we had to go vote

voting selfie, but not with my ballot since it was personal and not allowed in Virginia.  

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