Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our First Comicon: Hampton Comicon

I've been trying to check out cool things to do in our new area and have fun. A friend I met here shared an event on facebook about a local comicon! I knew it had to be fun and we had no plans this weekend and neither did Mother Nature (we got hit last weekend with Hurricane Matthew).  Nora and Pete both dressed up (we call it cosplay for this though) Pete chose to wear his Kylo Ren outfit and Nora had a hard time deciding between batman and Elsa (in the coronation dress...yes there is a difference...yes I've seen the movie WAY too many times) She ended up as Elsa.
Nora all dressed up and ready to go, she wore the dress up until bedtime

My sweet little Kylo Ren, he has the sulky look down really well. 
We saw a batmobile
Pete was thrilled with it and ended up with a new transformers comic book collection. We bought a new game a couple local guys made via kickstarter, we haven't played it yet but we are excited too.  It was super fun lots of people in awesome outfits, we went to a panel discussion on the 501st, yes we may be planning our "life after kids".
had to get a selfie with him
Pete kept getting asked for pictures with people.  Towards the end he was tired of it so he said he would if dad would come too.  Nora also joined in on this one. I covered up the girl's face since I didn't have approval to post the picture.

Loving the area we are in!  So much to do and see, loads of history, great people and I'm just really enjoying it.  I was worried about moving and actually enjoying myself but really I love it here so far. Now just to convince family to move this direction and it will be perfect.

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