Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Visitors in Virginia

My parents came to visit us the first week of September for about a week.  It was a fun filled time we went to the local park for a Sunday afternoon walk. It is a decent park, it needs cleaned up a bit I keep meaning to just bring a bag and rack and take care of some of it, but the equipment is in great shape and everyone seems really nice.

Its a big boat sandbox.

Monday was Labor Day so we had another day to hang out.  We went to check out a local lighthouse in Virginia Beach, this is the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse it was built in 1792.  We didn't get to go inside of it because Nora is too small and because the price of $8 a person seemed a little steep especially since Pete wasn't all that interested in it. It is located on a military base so that was an interesting experience that none of us had done before, except Phil.  We had to all give our ids and get out open all the doors and hood of the van, very interesting.

 Grandma and Grandpa stayed in a hotel on Monday night so Pete could have a good first day of school.  (that will be its very own blogpost) The kids had a blast playing in the pool and having a pizza party in their room for dinner.
 They did their own thing this day but after we picked Pete up from school we went to the beach!  Nora begs for her swimsuit all the time...but only plays in the sand and refuses to get in the water.  She not a fan of the salt and waves.  Pete on the other hand loves the waves!

breakfast with grandpa

While the boys were in school one day we went to Virginia Beach and walked the boardwalk to the pier

Playing on the Beach at Virginia Beach

I was there too.

It was great fun to have them visit us at our new house and state.  We have a futon, like a really nice queen sized futon, for any guest that wants to come visit us....though just a word of warning Pete and Nora like to sneak into it so you might get company at 6am...at least they do with grandmas and grandpas...

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