Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunset Walk at Fort Monroe

Today has been a beautiful day here in Virginia, sunny and cool the high was around 75 today.  Tonight I really wanted to go head out for a walk somewhere other than the neighborhood and thought this might be a fun place to check out for a stroll with the kids and Dexter too.
Sunset on the fishing pier at Fort Monroe

We had to cross the HRBT (Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel) which my kids love doing, won't lie it is pretty cool as long as traffic isn't horrendous.  It wasn't horrible tonight so that was a bonus for us. The kids had a fun time being lifted up and looking over at the giant rocks and the huge freighters going on their way through the bay, along with smaller sailboats and a couple speed boats.

Looking out over the water
Not thrilled that they had to look at the camera
I took advantage of a great sunset to get a couple pictures of the family and one of just the two of us.

A family picture!
There is a nicer edited one on instagram if you follow me
The best part of the evening was checking out the fishing pier and seeing a pair of dolphins swim by! Pete and Nora are both amazed by them and were excited that I got them on video. The sights here are definitely different than in Indiana! I've got a video of it that won't play on my blog so check out my blog facebook page to view it.
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Raymond Call said...

Fun Times! Good deal to explore the local area with the kids and be a real family.