Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Change.... A Great Big Change...

So it has been a very long time since I have been on the blog.  A lot has happened since I've updated:

1. Attended WEAR Conference-It was AMAZING!
2. Packed and headed to Norfolk, VA for an interview with Phil for a job-also great
3. Phil accepted said job and will begin teaching in the fall at Norfolk Academy!
4. Packed up all our belongings and sent them away to storage in a truck
5. Celebrated Nora's second birthday!
6. Redid all the flooring in the main part of the house, new doors and trim, landscaped in the house
7. Listed the house for sale-first showing happened 15 minutes after it hit the market..
8. House hunting trip to Virginia with my parents
9. Accepted an offer on the house
10. Had our offer for a house accepted in Virginia.
11. Unloaded the UHaul for Phil's brother into their new house in Virginia-It was 94 degrees and humid
12. Taught the Young Women's lesson at church the day after getting home from VA
13. Had my Birthday Party!
14. Fixed everything from the inspection report for the house here.
15....attempted to remain sane throughout...

It has been absolutely insane part of me can't believe how much we have accomplished, but so glad to have it done!


Bye Bye Possessions!

Nora with her birthday cake!

Part way through the flooring

Vacation reading

Attempt at a family picture at the beach

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