Thursday, May 5, 2016


Both kids have been sick this week.  Nora had it over the weekend and lingering into this week, once she started feeling better Pete is now running a fever.  I'm ready for them both to be 100% and not be dealing with this.  Thankfully I have a friend that loaned me her essential oil stuff and it is helping a bunch!  I've dabbled a bit but this is working really well especially for Nora who refuses to let me give her medicine!
Super late night with this girl watching Tangled because she just couldn't sleep and was waking up the whole family

Tula saving the day so I could get my steps in for the day!

When I should have noticed that there was an issue with Pete due to the fact he feel asleep in the car.  Notice the adorable matching carseats!  I'm in love!  Nora got flipped forward because we were borrowing a jeep while my van was in the shop.

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