Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Break 2016

This year we headed down to Batesville to see Skypopo and Skypopo Grandma along with Heather and Quinn our sister in law and their son.  We had fun, I ran away with Heather one day up to Indy to check out Costco for the first time and check out a couple baby stores.  It was a nice getaway and I don't think Phil and his parents minded the kids too much.  Phil and his parents (Heather and I took care of the littles) cleaned up the cabin with high hopes of being able to use it this summer, which Pete is super excited about! A fun time was had by all with lots of snuggles, reading and playing.
Phil with Nora and Quinn-who ended up being completely smitten with Phil

Pete reading some Calvin and Hobbes 

Nora just played too hard one day and fell asleep while I was making lunch

Reading Garfield with Skypopo

How we took care of the littles while everyone else cleaned up the cabin

Some light reading with Skypopo

Skypopo and Pete on the tractor while working.

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