Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MiniWins! with TastyKake

So this week we are working on getting Pete over his current fear of what seems like everything.  Really he is fine but clingy, at least more than usual. We have been working on it and he is doing better.  I think the Halloween scary stuff is getting to him as well. Plus in wonderful news Nora had her first night of going to bed without waking up until morning, 6:45am!  That's amazing! definitely putting that one down as more than a miniwin.  

Thanks to influenster and TastyKake we've gotten to celebrate these miniwins with mini cakes!  They come three in a package we were sent chocolate with white cream filling, they must know our family really well!  It is enough for me to eat in two bites per cake and the kids each get one.  I don't feel too bad handing them one because it is small and there is an end to the actual package that is opened.  I like that for me too really, portion control. 

They tasted great, a decent amount of the cream filling to cake ratio, though really can they ever put too much in? I'd like more but really there is never enough, but Phil, the more sensible minded, thought it was fine.  The kids thought it was great.  Nora was thrilled that she didn't have to share her's and that she got to eat the whole thing.  We were also sent a hat to celebrate our miniwins with, the kids thought it was great. Pete even waited to eat his cupcake until Nora was done so he could eat it with the hat on.  A 5 year old waited to devour a cupcake, all for the chance to wear the cone hat.  

I love this series! So cute, especially that grin on the end!
We thought they were a fun treat. I did get these for free to try out and review, but my opinions, review and thoughts are my own and not that of Tastykake or Influenster.  

Want to see more miniwin goodness from TastyKake? Check out their instagram feed.  

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