Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Daddy Dunk Tank

A couple weeks ago Phil was asked to be in the dunk tank at a football game to raise money for Feed My Starving Children.  He knew the student setting everything up and was excited to help out.  Well he forgot how chilly it can get in nothern Indiana in October!  It was at least in  the 50s the night he was doing it! He ended up doing it two different times that night.  Once during the game itself and another during half time.  Amazingly enough he didn't end up sick as a dog, though a snotty nose did make its appearance for the weekend.  Pete had a great time with it too.  I bought him 6 balls to throw, and Phil jumped in the water for every one!
Nora and Pete both enjoyed popcorn to go along with the "show"

Nora loves popcorn, I didn't even attempt to trying sharing a box with her until she's done with it

Pete showing off his mustache facepainting the also supported FMSC

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