Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nora's Birthday Party

We had Nora's first birthday party last weekend.  Everyone came up since Nora and Ally were sharing the party.  I made Nora's smash cake and a pretty cake for Ally.  We picked up cupcakes for it too from Meijer which normally does an amazing job, but definitely did not this time which they are remedying for us, so I'm content. 

Nora has really discovered the joys of dress up lately.  Her favorite it sunglasses but this crown that Josey found for her in the toys was running a close second for the party.  Ally taught her the joys of necklaces and accessorizing properly. I may have a girly girly on my hands after all!

Her shirt says, "Life of the Party"I found it fitting for her glasses and crown
 Smash Cake! Nora took it just like the name implies, it took her a couple minutes to realize that she could eat it too and daddy shared some homemade ice cream with her too, and she shared her cake as well. Lucky Daddy!
What is that?!

getting a feel for it

Full on smash and eating 

All Done!

 Nora made out like a bandit in the present area and has been loving all of them this week.  Everyone knew just what she likes!
Opening the presents!

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