Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rainy Day

Saturday started out nice we got some work done around the yard and mowed grandma's yard for her.  We then headed up to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, I've been wanting to go see the new baby orangutan.  We got there just as it started to rain, so we got front row parking from those fleeing and it wasn't nearly as full as the last time we went.  It was the first good weekend of the year and was insanely busy.  We headed straight for Indonesia since most of it is inside and we'd forgotten our umbrellas.
Pete and Nora on the Komodo dragon statue

 We saw all of the animals just like we wanted and surprisingly both kids were in a decent mood the whole time.  Nora ended up falling asleep in Australia but slept through it and all the way to the car and the way home!  What a good little sleeper!  Pete also fell asleep in the car on the way home. 

Pete in a shark in the new Australia
This little peacock came right next to me while I was rocking Nora
We came home to a decent storm and once we headed inside and looked out the window saw a decent amount of damage to the stuff in our yard.

I'm standing where the red chair and swing should be
Pete's playset knocked over.  So far I only see one board that will need replaced.

A couple weeks ago I thought I'd try a new veggie, Brussels sprouts! Phil always said they were nasty I'd never tried them (my mom hated them too) but I wanted to give them a shot.  I posted on facebook aksing for recipes and found a couple winners, so we had them again last night for dinner.  Yum!

Brussels sprouts, bacon, garlic and onion
I also got a new carrier and got a good chance to try it out at the zoo too!  It is a Sakura Bloom ring sling.  Once I get more use out of it, I'll review it all for you. 

Sakura Bloom ring sling in Port

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