Friday, March 27, 2015

Nursing Happens Scarf Review

I breastfeed Nora, she rarely eats from a bottle and I'm seldom sitting at home eating bon-bons and watching soap operas; actually that last part never happens.  My life typically is go go go, whether it is going to the park, church, preschool, my mom's house, grocery shopping or the doctors, something is always happening around here.  I'm not complaining, I get horrible cabin fever and find it easier to keep Pete from driving me nuts if we keep busy and not just stick around home all day every day.  As a result of life Nora has to eat other places than our nice comfy dedicated recliner.  After two kids I've become rather good at not flashing the world while feeding and sometime just don't care to cover while feeding my baby in public, not because of wanting the world to see it all but because of practicality.  Rarely is it possible to see anything so typically I don't see the need for covering once we have a good rhythm going with nursing, I also wear clothes and are a bit more conducive to nursing as well. I do find myself covering to nurse Nora at church the most of all the places we go. I think it is the proximity of people and the relatively quiet atmosphere makes me feel more comfortable to cover.  I cover for my comfort, not for those around me, if I'm comfortable nursing it works better for the both of us.

Nursing Happens Infinity Scarf in Pink Kiss Chevron

I was given the Nursing Happens Scarf in my MommyCon goodie bag as a blogger.  I've had the chance to wear it a couple times since then and have found it rather useful and that I missed it one day when I forgot it and had to use a blanket.  I started out my nursing journey with Nora using a tent style cover, I've never been a big fan but needed something. We stopped using it around 3 months because she would kick and flail around and send it flying open and me, being unprepared for such events, would be visible to what seems like the whole world.  I just stopped using anything and nursed so that nothing would be visible during our sessions. Nora does like to stop and look around sometimes, especially as she gets older, this cover seemed to allow that a bit more but also keep me covered where I needed it.  Surprisingly it wasn't horribly hot to wear the scarf, no more than any other I have hanging in the closet. I found it easy to throw in the diaper bag if I'm not actually wearing it, no plastic pieces to get bent out of shape.  It also looks good even when I have no plan of nursing Nora, like at work.  Part of me is tempted to get another in a different color because they are just cute and I like wearing scarves. I'm rather partial to the Boho Feathers design, lots of different colors would look great with it!

Check out all of the selection at their website. They also sell a wide selection of reusable snack bags, teething necklaces for mom, wet bags and lots of other fun and cute looking items!

I received the product for free in order to review and as part of a gift bag, but all comments and reviews are my own and not that of the company's.  The pictures are my own.

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