Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vacation Begins: On the Road

This is the beginning of our Christmas vacation to Wyoming and Utah to visit Phil's family and see the lights on Temple Square. We rented a car and were supposed to spend 2 days driving with one hotel stay. Wyoming though, is a cruel stretch of interstate and we stopped for an extra night due to weather and the interstate being closed for a wreck. 
Selfie while waiting in traffic
I just liked Pete's snarl smile. 
Nora snoozing. I took it from the front seat without being able to see through the camera. 
Wyoming landscape. 

The kids were both surprisingly great for the driving on the trip. Pete only watched about 1 movie a day and played with his toys the rest of the trip. Nora just got fussy when she was hungrym, so we'd stop and I'd feed her. She never got mad about driving. Thank goodness my kids are amazing at this!

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