Friday, November 7, 2014

NoseFrida Review

Nora was sick last week, just before her check up. She does have good timing at least so I can't complain there. Luckily for both of us I had contacted the makers of NoseFrida about doing a review earlier in the month, and they kindly agreed to send me one for free to try and review on the blog. 

These did exist when Pete was born and I did know of them but was completely disgusted by the thought of using my mouth to suck snot out of his nose.  Sounds so gross, so I wasn't going to try it out.  I used the little bulb syringe thingy and tortured him.  Eventually I bought and tried a powered nose sucker which was okay but promptly died right after the limited warranty period.  Along comes Nora and I'm hearing even better things about it and decided to be brave and try it out.

This thing is amazing at getting snot out of baby's nose! I was able to get adult-nose-blowing amounts of stuff out of her nose with very limited work and screaming.  She did scream while doing it, but as soon as I was done she calmed right down and was able to breathe without sounding like Lord Vader.  The whole week she was sick I did not get a single drop of her snot in my mouth. At one point I left the house and forgot the Nose Frida and only had my emergency bulb syringe in the diaper bag and had to use it on her.  Poor baby, even after getting a little bit out and putting it away she still kept crying. Her cold only lasted just under a week in all, even though the doctor said the other babies her age had it for at least 2 weeks.  She was actually able to sleep because she could breathe, which I was very appreciative of being able to sleep as well.

It is easy to use and I promise I did not touch snot once.  There is a spongy blue filter and long tube between baby nose and your mouth. The large tube goes against the baby's nostril; the red mouthpiece goes in your mouth; and you suck and swirl the tube at baby's nose.  Then be amazed at the amount of mucus that your sick baby can produce! I briefly considered taking a picture or video then decided I liked having friends. We also used nasal saline solution (not the same stuff for eyes and contacts) to thin it out before sucking.  I have some that is packaged for individual use so I don't have to worry about cross contamination either, just to be careful.

I received the product for free in order to review, but all comments and reviews are my own and not that of the company's.  The pictures are courtesy of the NoseFrida company.

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