Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pete Swims and Gets on the News!

It has been so stinking hot lately, though I might be a bit more sensitive to it than most people.  Pete has been dying to go swimming but we haven't made it anywhere this year.  I pulled out his little plastic pool for  him and let the freezing cold well water warm up some during the course of the day.  He had a blast!  While he was swimming I checked facebook and saw that a friend that is the weatherman for a local news station was looking for pictures of people enjoying the warm weather.  I snapped a picture of the boy and sent it to him.  Well it was on the news Thursday night!  How fun! We recorded it and will be saving it onto a disk to save for forever.
Pete wanted to take a picture and hopped out of the pool.

I asked him to smile for me.

This is the picture that made the news!

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