Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So I try to avoid writing about pregnancy too much, mostly because it just makes it take longer to think about it; plus who wants to read about it...really? Things are going well, Nora is measuring right where she should be and her butt is right under my ribs.  I also think Miley Cyrus was a bit too popular in the beginning of the pregnancy because I think she's picked up twerking already and it isn't cool when unborn do it either.  Not cool.

This time has been a bit different from Pete.  My feet swell up if I'm not careful about what I'm doing, only happened once with Pete and that was from spending an entire day canning 3 days before his due date.  Heartburn has amazingly been worse, didn't think it was possible, but this little one has proved that it can be. My poor fingers in the morning are so stiff and sore, I feel like I have claw fingers when I first wake up, but it goes away once I get up and get moving again.  Apparently they don't like the whole sleeping thing and swell up in just the right places to make them stiff and sore, but without making them look like sausages. 

No those are not swollen, I'm just showing you my awesome toenails, I used Jamberry nail wraps on them the other day. Goal: have the coolest toenails in the maternity ward. (Just a little vain)
I know just what everyone wanted to read about today, the aches and pains of pregnancy.  Really though I don't mind too much and am just so thankful to be able to be carrying this little one and be so close to having her!  Friday I'll be 37 weeks (40 weeks is the magical number in case you were wondering) so really not much longer!  Eventually I finish the last couple things for the nursery and post that as well.

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