Friday, May 9, 2014

A "Sweet" Find

Okay yes I'll admit I'm a "dumpster diver".  Though mostly I just pick them up off the curb and throw them in my trunk and take them home, there aren't too many actual dumpsters in my area.  I got a new to us Adirondack chair a couple weeks ago, it just needs a fresh coat of paint and it will be like new.  My most recent find is amazing!  I was super excited about it even before I actually knew how perfect it was! 
A Candy vending machine!  Isn't it awesome!  I didn't know if it had the key when I picked it up but figured I could probably find a replacement fairly easily anyway.  Well it did have it stuck in the top and opens up nicely to fill and collect money.  Isn't it cool.  I'm going to give it a good scrubbing this weekend and then fill it and take it into Phil's classroom. 

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