Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today we had a great Easter Sunday.  Pete started out the morning slowly and methodically going through his basket, we don't really do the bunny he just gets stuff from us and other family members that donate to the cause.  He did a little egg hunt while getting his shoes on for church as well, which I believe he enjoyed, but I was still getting ready so I didn't get to see it.

Pete checking out his basket of goodies
My mom made us a new batch of Easter ties and a hair bow for me, next year we'll have to add in another hair bow!  We had a big cookout at their house this evening, celebrating both Easter and the fact they are home from their vacation. 

"Good" Family Easter Picture with the matching ties
Goofy picture because Pete was not happy about the picture taking...if you couldn't tell...
I thought it would be fun to show Pete through his Easters.  It is so crazy to see how much he has changed over time. 

Easter 2011

Easter 2012

Easter 2013

Easter 2014

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