Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crazy Times, and a Playing Pete

It has been awhile since I've updated.  Things have been crazy around here,with getting ready for winter around the house and yard and just all the other things that come up.  We had one big day of raking leaves, Pete loved the leaf sucking truck when it came to get our leaves.  My mom had surgery so we've spent some time helping her out around the house as well. I was in charge of Thanksgiving this year and helped mom get ready for Christmas as well as putting up our own stuff.   We also helped out with the church Nativity play as well this year. I made a bunch of hats for it as well as being in a trumpet group and Phil played guitar and harmonica.  Pete has had lots of time to play in the last couple of weeks and we've taken advantage of that time with some pictures of his favorite things over that time.
We borrowed mom and dad's lawn mower to help with our leaves and had to use a trailer to get it over to our place. 
Pete thought it was perfect to park his car on as well. 

Blocks! The tower wasn't standing much longer after this picture.

Pete was practicing his photography skills

Playing with a big train track Phil built for Pete.

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