Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Chef

 On Monday nights we have a friend over to our house for dinner and to play Settlers of Catan.  It is one of our favorite games, but it isn't nearly as much fun with two people as it is with more.  Once we found out he was a fan we decided to start having him over for Family Home Evening.  Tonight Phil wanted Cinnamon Rolls for dessert so I found a recipe on Pinterest and started making them, while also working on the rest of dinner.  Pete decided that since I was cooking he also needed to be cooking as well.  So he pulled out my mini-muffin pan and dumped his snack bowl into it.  He also had to put on his apron since I had mine on, so I put him in one of my smaller ones and folded it up so he wouldn't trip on it.  He also needed to pull out a huge can of Potato Pearls (or it might have been wheat, I'm not really sure, but he didn't get the lid off!), olive oil and a couple pots and pans.  I had to snap a few pictures before my hands were covered in the doughy mess of cinnamon rolls.  It is so fun that he is starting to do what we are doing.  I loved the apron and think I might have to start making him his own.  Something ultra masculine, since most of mine are incredibly frilly.  Phil has a nice simple striped denim one that he wears, so Pete needs something too.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

gdiapered bum

Today I changed Pete's diaper and he decided to run away before I could get his pants up all the way.  So he was sagging for awhile before his nap, I thought it was one of the cutest things in the whole world.  The little g just pushes it over the edge of cuteness.

Silly Faced Boy

Pete has been coming up with some really goofy faces lately, happy, sad, confused they are just really funny sometimes.  These are some from yesterday morning and from today.  I thought today's were the best.  He just looks so annoyed by me taking a picture.

Pete's Modern Art

This is what Pete thought would make a nice center piece for our coffee table. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rocketship Building

This morning we decided it was time to pull out the fort building kit again.  We have used it a couple of times but normally it becomes about the only thing he wants and we get burned out on it for awhile.  I was tired of our normal schedule and wanted to switch it up a bit with a rocketship!  Pete had some fun pulling his books of the shelves and reading them inside while I typed this up real quick.  I snapped some pictures and some video but the quality isn't the greatest because the light is awful and we can't open the blinds or he will pop the plastic over his window.  But I guess these really are "snapshots" not pictures, just quick and dirty.  He is having lots of fun with the fort and it keeps him entertained without me for about 15 minutes at a time which is amazing especially considering a tv isn't involved in the process! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012


For Christmas our big family present was a Flip Camera, it is a small video camera that I can carry around in my purse.  Well I have been really good about taking the videos, but not so good about sharing them on my blog!  So here is a test run with a video from January.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Remote Controls and Hunting Houses

These are some of Pete ultimate favorite toys.  My Dad has about 4 floating around the basement for the grandkids to play with when they are over. They are always a favorite with the kids though some of them move a bit too fast for the younger kids to really enjoy without being a bit scared by them.  Pete is a bit ridiculous with playing with the cars though.  He wants them all the time and no matter how well you hide them he always seems to be able to find them, he has some kind of built in radar.  Pete does seem to believe boys are the only ones that can make them go, don't worry I try to prove this wrong but he just throws a fit about it then.  Tonight though the tables have turned and he now has his very own toddler remote control car.  It is pretty basic and just goes forward and turns to the left in a circle to change directions but really I don't think Pete could handle much more than that.  I got it all set up for him tonight so it is ready for him in the morning. I just can't wait for him to find it and figure it out!  I'm almost giddy with excitement. 

Today we also went house hunting. We went to a couple in our price range and found one just out of our range in a neighborhood that we like. It has been on the market for awhile so it should drop sometime and get in our range hopefully. So far though we haven't found too much to get excited for, but we aren't looking too much right now anyway since we don't want to move until May/June. Part of me is scared that we are going to settle because our lease will run out and we will need somewhere to live but most of me just likes to look around and see what there is in town.  It really is a love hate relationship with searching for houses, sometimes it gets really disappointing thinking about how cruddy some of these look, while other surprise you with actually looking pretty decent.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well first it starts out with last week.  We were at the dreaded walmart and Pete tripped and smashed his face on a corner of a shelf and got his very first black eye.  It has now entered that wonderful time when it is a nasty shade of purple/yellow.  He cried for maybe a minute, mostly out of fear and then went back to terrorizing the toy aisle.  Now today we were playing and home and he was attacking my appliance cupboard and he broke my George Foreman grille in half!  He snapped two pieces of metal in half, they weren't incredibly thick or anything but still it wasn't just wimpy old plastic either! 

So is he a super hero with crazy strength or a super villain bent on the destruction of my appliances?