Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ever Wonder Where They Came From?


Pete's lips that is, not his Uncles.  Well apparently it isn't just Phil's lips, but his brothers' too!  I mean really just look at those lips!  Pete is destined to have big lips!  I just love these pictures you guys!  Thanks for showing me the family trait in a humorous way!

Christmas with the Call's

Christmas Eve we left Warsaw in the evening and headed down to Batesville to be with Phil's family.  His dad is a pilot for Delta and has a bit wacky schedule.  He got home in the afternoon on Christmas Day so we had Christmas Morning in the afternoon! We were able to have a relaxing day with family and had some fun with siblings and Pete was spoiled by his Aunt and Uncles!  Coming home was a real drag for him after having constant companions for a whole week!  All the boys got matching shirts and the girls got matching sweaters for family pictures (which I don't have) we got some books and I got the coolest fun hat ever.  Cool enough I'm willing to take a picture of myself via webcam at 11 at night!  Later on in the week friend of the family, Eric Faulkner,  stopped by  he just so happened to have a camera and clicked away a few. Lucky for us too, because my camera stayed upstairs the whole time in the backpack!  I am so bad at taking pictures for important events! I get so caught up in having fun that I don't even care.  It is a fine line to walk in having fun, but also being able to remember it for later on as well.  I seem to err on the side of just having fun and hoping my memory will last long enough!  Luckily enough for us we have friends that keep me in good pictures to support my bad habit.

 Check out Pete in this picture!
Phil and his brothers' with Eric (back middle) 
Phil's family
 Thanks for the great time everyone!

Christmas with my Family

"Christmas Morning" we had with my family.  We spent the night so that we were there for all of the excitement and the bad sleep!  Kid's sleep and Christmas just don't jive! Once everyone was up we opened stockings and got our annual allotment of toothbrushes and goodies and then headed to the Christmas Tree for the main event.  This year we got a Roku from my parents for a big family gift.  It is so much fun we can get our Amazon Prime subscription through it and have the Mormon Channel and BYUtv for free as well.  I got a new food processor and it is big.  On my Christmas list I emphasized that I wanted a BIG one, but I didn't realize how BIG they came, try 14 cups!  I just made cookie dough in it though so I didn't have to pull out my mixer, hopefully they turn out otherwise the academic team might not like me too much.  Phil got a subscription to for the year so he can listen to 1 book a month.   Pete got the fisher-price talking zoo and loves it.  He figured out how to make the animals talk and how the swing works on it, now just to make the slide work!  I gave the girls Hello Kitty Hats (the pattern is two posts down the line)  and Ben got some coloring/painting books.  I made Mom a knit nativity set and Dad got a travel mug that looks like a camera lens.

Thanks for a great time everyone!

Christmas with the Horn's

Last year we started having Christmas with my family a day ahead of schedule so Matt and Tashina could head back home for Santa to make a stop at their house for the kids and so they weren't rushed. We started out this year with the traditional Christmas Eve at Grandma Horn's house. We all ate some yummy Pizza Hut pizzas and the kids ate Happy Meals!  This is when we learned that Pete hates everything to do with them except for the chocolate milk!  He refused to eat any of his dinner and just ate the cheese ball and crackers with his milk!  Hopefully this will continue for the next say 10 years or forever and he'll just be a plain yogurt fiend for forever.  After dinner we opened some awesome presents.  Pete got some new clothes, a singing seahorse and a fake smartphone.  He loves running around the house "talking" on it and going from one room to another just like us!  Phil got an argyle cardigan and a pair of gym shorts and I got a new pair of dress shoes and a sweatshirt.  It was a great Christmas tradition, just a day early! 

Thanks for the great presents Grandma Horn!