Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pimp My Ride: Toddler Version

A friend of the family was getting rid of a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.  I couldn't pass up free so we took it for Pete.  I planned on painting it for Christmas for him, but it got cold pretty early in the fall so it didn't happen.  With 60-80 degree days happening in March I decided it was time to fix it up for the boy.  Here is Pete's custom car.  We purchased our spray paint at Menards and the Rustoleum Painter's Touch 2X Coverage was reccomended and it was cheaper than the stuff just for plastic (though our cans do say it works on plastic too, though the website doesn't mention it). 

 This is what the car looked like orgiganally colorwise.  I took it apart so I didn't have to mask off the whole thing.  The only thing holding the topper on are two rather large screws, they were a little rusty but not too bad considering how old this baby looks.  The steering wheel doesn't have any screws just two tabs to push down while pulling it out of the "dashboard".

 During the painting job on the first day.  I painted during nap time and then let it sit out the rest of the day and packed it up for the evening so it wouldn't get wet with dew. 

The after shots.  I painted the "chrome" bumpers on the next day.  It only took two coats to get them perfect.  I then added the tail lights right after the bumper was dry to the touch.  I love how Pete is posing with the car.  I didn't even try to get him to do it, I just brought it out of the garage for him to see and this is how he reacted.  Can we say ham?

All in all it was a pretty easy project.  I am pretty proud of the car and like it much better than even buying a new one. I love that it is customized and I saved it from the garbage.  One of the tires is messed up but I figure I can buy a replacement part or cannibalize another cozy coupe for parts if it really starts causing issues.

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