Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Lately we have been noticing the increasing amount of hair that covers Pete’s ears. It is getting a bit ridiculous so we decided it was finally time to bring out the clippers. We even cracked open the new ones that we got for our wedding! I wanted to start using them when we first got them, but Phil didn’t want to, finally his other ones just were ripping out too much hair to be practical. Pete also appreciated the new quiet clippers as well. Pete sat in his highchair and was good the entire time it took us to figure out which combs to use to get the right length. I don’t think any of his hair was the same length! I guess that is what happens during a first haircut. We were just going to try doing only the ears, but we couldn’t get the clippers to do just that and I wasn’t about to take a pair of scissors and try to deal with it and risk nipping his ear. It was really kind of sad for me because he just got his first haircut and he doesn’t have much hair left right now. Well he really does but it is shorter. It should be good to have it short right now anyway with the heat he sweats horribly so maybe the buzz will do him some good there.

Phil also decided to cut his hair while the clippers were out and the floor was covered in hair so his is a bit shorter as well for the heat this week. I helped Phil out by doing his neck and ears, normally I help out more but Pete decided it was naptime after his haircut.

Now that everyone else went and got their haircut I wanted mine done as well! I went over to Twisted Scissors in Muncie to get it done and I love it! It is so cute! It actually looks like something and is short enough that I can leave it down and not melt and not have to have a ponytail or bun to survive right now. I used the same pictures that I posted here. If anyone needs a place to go in Muncie I would definitely recommend it and the stylist Heather.

Psst….We just found out as well that we got our apartment in Warsaw! We got our address from the complex this morning and found out our deposit amount. The apartment was just completed earlier this month. We have a washer and dryer, new stove and fridge and wood floors. We have a handicap unit that has an extra door and different shower design in the second bathroom. We were going to get a 3 bedroom and have about a month wait, but then we found out this apartment came with a storage unit attached! We are so excited to move and have a new place to call home!

Fire! Fire! Well Smoke Really...

Saturday night we had an exciting evening. We got home from Warsaw and celebrating my birthday (again!). Pete had gone to bed and we were sitting on the couch reading when our neighbor knocked on our door loudly. We answered it and told us the door jam next to the main (and only door) into the building was smoking and to get out of the building. I grabbed Pete, the diaper bag and his bottle from the fridge, Phil grabbed the 72 hour kits and headed on out of the building. The fire department got there as I reached our car and headed over to the building. They ripped apart the doorframe with a giant crowbar and axe. The sprayed it down with the hoses. They don’t know what caused it but thought it looked like someone put a cigarette butt in a knot in the wood and smoldered all day long. I had smelled something earlier on a trip to Joann’s but thought someone was barbequing, little did I know it was our building! In all of this not one smoke alarm went off, because there isn’t one in the hallway of our building, the only thing that saved our building is that our neighbor decided to run out for one last errand for the night. I contacted the property manager about it and informed her of the damage to the building and the lack of smoke alarms.

Reunion and Fun

Our main goal of vacation was to head out to the Welch Family Reunion in Corrine, Utah. We had lots of fun hanging out with Phil’s grandparents and his aunts, uncles and cousins. Most of the people at the reunion hadn’t met Pete or seen us since our wedding reception-3 years ago! Pete had a blast playing with his cousins-Stew, Hannah, Robert and Alania. He also thoroughly enjoyed be loved on by his aunts and uncles and Phil’s younger cousins. We were able to get pictures and hangout. We also had a wedding reception for his aunt that was married earlier this year. Phil took me over to the Box Elder Tabernacle for my birthday while Grandma Call watched Pete for us. We got to see the Brigham City Temple being built across the street and even got some pictures of what it will look like when it is finished. After the reunion we took a quick trip to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We got there late at night and decided to take adavantage of Pete sleeping by taking a short walk and enjoying the view alone. Afterwards we went to hangout with Amanda and David up in Evanston. We decided at the last minute to drive back to Indiana with Phil’s dad to keep him company and get a full refund on the train tickets! It was fun to be able to see the country both by train and car. We made the return trip home in two days. Pete was happy the whole time and the entire cross-country road trip cried for 5-10 minutes even when being in the rear seat of a pickup truck! All of the pictures and videos from vacation are on Phil’s ipod and his computer is at my parents’ house so those will have to wait until another day to be posted.

California Zephyr- a Mini-Vacation

We headed out to Utah in the end of June for a family reunion and vacation. We got a good deal with Amtrak and took the California Zephyr out. We left from downtown Indy with help from Aunt Kate early in the morning and went to Chicago for the main part of the trip. Pete did great on the train and is something we plan to continue to use in the future because of price, no wear and tear on our cars and it is like a mini-vacation on its own! We had coach seats but they were like recliners, not airplane seats. They were big enough that Pete was able to sleep between us and not get squished, the temperature is nice too and I would recommend a blanket for at night. We could get up and walk around the entire \trip there was a dining car (too expensive for us so we packed our food and they provide free hot water hint hint) they observation car and lounge is where we spent a lot of time. The lounge car had booths where people sat and played board games and cars with big windows on the sides. The observation car had seats that face straight out of the windows. Both of the cars were open to everyone so when we hit Denver we headed back there to get good seats to see the first glimpse of the mountains. The views were amazing, part of the tracks went through passes that were all alone with not much evidence of humans other than the railroad. Our train was delayed because of freight train traffic. The floods and fires in other parts of the country made the trains get moved to our rail line instead, we ended up being 9 hours late to arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah. This worked out better for us, but would have been annoying if we had some place to be at a certain time.