Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy Busy Break

I find it amazing that life can get so busy when you don't have to go to work.  The first week of Phil's break we cleaned the whole apartment and reorganized the craft/office area and Pete's closet.  Phil also typed a lot of Anson Call's journal so he can get it on Blurb before break is over. Phil is attempting to type up his relatives journals and have them turned into readable and saveable books.  So far he has his Grandma Call's completed and for sale online and Anson's is about done and just needs some finishing touches.  We don't get any of the money for them it just covers the cost of the printing and binding.  Pete had a doctor's appointment and found out he is in the 50% for weight and height while is head is in the 80%.  He also has to go in for an ultrasound sometime in January to check on some things.  Pete and I took a trip up to Fort Wayne to do some last minute shopping and for a good time with Grandma.  I finished up all of the Christmas presents early!  I had about 3/4 days to spare, I was also able to finish watching the entire series of Bones.  So my knitted Christmas presents consisted of 3 Hello Kitty hats, 2 Knit Nativity sets, and 1 Sushi Scarf. I still have 2 more Hello Kitty hats to knit for someone at church, but then I will be done...Until I finally get around to working on my scarf for the year!

Oh and Merry Christmas!

I just realized I never posted this so it is a bit late but still enjoyable!

So Happy New Year!

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